Flying Qualifications:

  •  FAA CFI & Commercial Helicopter; Private-ASEL
  • FAA 10 Class Medical Certificate
  • SFAR 73 Endorsements: R22/R44
  • FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operators Permit
  • Flight weight: 1351bs


Flight Hours:

  • Total time: 439.8
  • Helicopter: 349.4 total, 300.7 PIC, 206.3 R22, 133.0 R44, 9.7 turbine

Employment History:

2016-2017 SoCal flying Club-Helicopter Flight Inshuctor
El Monte, CA
Responsible for all helicopter flight and ground instruction, supervision of students, upholding FAA safety standards, and logistics of aircraft maintenance.

2016 Lite Mite Helicopters Inc.-Contract r44 Pilot
Van Nuys, CA
Flew aerial tours over SoCal in accordance with company specific operating procedures.

2015-2016 Pro Hell Tours-Owner/Operator
Van Nuys, CA
Directed daily operations of helicopter brokerage, coordinated photo/video missions, flew aerial tours, and managed contract pilots.

Airmanship Training/Experience:

  • FAASafety Pilot Proficiency Program-Master WINGS: attended FAA seminars and private classes on weather, ADM/CAM, emergency procedures, airworthiness, airspace, etc.
  • Robinson Helicopter Company: Factory Pilot Safety Course (2014).
  • Agricultural Flying Experience: Flew 30.4 hours of bird chasing operation over 1.5k acres of corn in SW Florida (2015), and 12.1 hours of frost control over strawberry and tangerine fields in SoCal (2014).
  • Los Angeles Aerial Tours: Extensive knowledge of common tour routes, cultural and historical landmarks of SoCal, and methods of assuring a positive experience for the customer from working for several area tour operators, including through a self-owned brokerage.
    Other Skills/Information: