Areas of expertise

Our consultants can combine medical and engineering expertise with state-of-the-art modeling and accident reconstruction techniques to arrive at expert conclusions about incidents.

Motor Vehicle Collisions

Whether it be a low speed collision or a complex multi-vehicle collision with rollovers and/or occupant ejections, IAE consultants are well versed in evaluating the pertinent factors.

Premises Liability

Thorough analysis by our specialized experts in premise liability include multiple areas, such as:
slip & falls, escalators & elevator, swimming pools, dog bites or other animal-related claims

Sports/Fitness Injuries

Sports injuries and other fitness-related claims are evaluated for their merits based on the analysis of the vectors of forces with respect to the radiological appearance of the pathology on imaging.

Commercial Transportation

We specialize in analyzing high and low speed collisions, as well as injuries on the job while loading and unloading.Any high occupancy trainsit vehicle is analyzed for alleged whiplash or calvarial...

Recreational injuries

Bicycles, Golf carts, Motorcyles, ATV, Snowmobiles, Motorboats, Jetski, Rollorcoasters, motions simulators: When a rider gets ejected or collides with another object or vehicle...

Occupational Injuries

Our experts have experience performing CME evaluations and evaluating legitimacy of claims for Workers Comp. Distinguishing pre-existing injuries and assessing causation is a forte of our experts.

Restraint systems

Expert analysis of helmets, seatbelt, carseats, and other restraints is paramount for objective evaluation and accident reconstruction. Airbags deployment and other safety belts testing can evaluated through crash testing.


Whether helicopter or airplane, our expert analysis address the issues from an aerospace medicine perspective.